Peace of mind comes when you no longer worry about the ‘what ifs’ in life.

We’re with you for the long haul

Estate Planning and having a Will in place is something we all know we should do. After all, it’s about protecting everything we own for everyone we love. But why choose Estate Planning Pro?

Our purpose is to ensure that what you want to happen after you have passed away is what actually happens and we understand that it takes more than just having the right documents in place, such as a Will, to achieve this.

Our lifetime service provides you and the ones you care for most with Planning, Protection and Certainty.


Estate Planner’s Report

It’s not just about how much we are leaving to our loved ones, it’s how we leave it to them that matters most.

We all have different circumstances that change throughout our lives and there are many Estate Planning options and ways to create a Will. An Estate Planning Pro Consultant will ensure that you consider every eventuality that could affect your wishes, whilst making you aware of all your options. We will then provide you with a personal Estate Planning report, leaving you with the ability to make your own informed decision.

Plus, when you use Genie, your report and any other documents are stored in one easy to access place inside your own personal account.


Planning updates

How will you know if your Estate Planning needs updating or if changes in circumstances have placed your loved ones’ inheritance at risk? It’s not always easy to tell. 

That is why we keep in touch throughout the life of your plan, regularly checking in via your Genie account to make sure that your planning keeps pace with any changes and always performs as it should. Furthermore, if there is a need to alter the documents you have with us, that can be provided. 


Supporting people

Our long-term promise doesn’t just stop at our relationship with you. Supporting the people you will rely on to ensure your wishes are respected is just as important as your Estate Planning documents.

By sharing your Genie account with those close to you, not only will they be able to access your Estate Planning documents when the time comes but they will also have access to all of the professional resources, advice and care services to help and guide them through what will be a difficult time. This gives you complete peace of mind that you have minimised the cost, burden and stress of handling your estate.

Do it yourself

Confident that you know exactly what you need? You can use our online service to produce basic Wills and Powers of Attorney in just a few minutes at a time that suits you, without receiving any advice.

By creating a Genie account you can draft your documents using our quick on-line question-and-answer guide.

Note, that this is a self serve process and therefore, Estate Planning Pro has no responsibility for the outcome of your planning.

Let us do it for you

Not confident doing it yourself or prefer to do it with a real person?

Receive advice based on your personal circumstances to provide certainty with your estate planning. Click the link below to request a no obligation discussion that will provide you with all the information needed to make an informed decision.