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Everyone’s requirements are different, and it is of the utmost importance that you have the opportunity and information to enable you to make a fully informed choice about your Estate Planning.

Not only do everyone’s requirements differ, but yours and your beneficiaries’ personal circumstances will likely change over time too. Certain common events do occur in life, and while no fault of your own, can significantly dilute a beneficiary’s inheritance or even divert inheritance away from them entirely.

It is our aim to help you consider events such as marriage, divorce, loss of capacity, financial hardship or even premature death and understand how they can adversely affect your loved ones now and in the future.

We will also help you to consider the financial implications of your Estate Plan, including not only the planning itself, but also how a particular plan might impact those you love with associated costs such as probate, deputyship fees, Inheritance Tax and even potential damage to their own financial position. For each plan there is a financial logic section, and your Consultant will help you to complete the personalised financial consideration elements, based on the value of your Estate, Probate costs and the funds you wish to make available for trusted people.

Another thing to consider is how you leave your estate. We understand that It’s just as important that those you care about receive their inheritance in a timely fashion, with as little hassle as possible. With a Genie account, those you trust and rely on can securely access all of the information they need to handle your estate, including all of your Estate Planning documents, messages and detailed asset lists as well as get access to any professional support and guidance they may need.


We believe that effective Estate Planning is not just about the decisions you make when you put your initial documents in place, it’s about periodically checking this planning against any life event. 

As you already know, yours, your beneficiaries’ and your trusted people’s circumstances can and will change over time so it’s just as important that your Estate Planning is always kept up-to-date. At Estate Planning Pro, we will keep in touch with you throughout the life of your plan and check in with you regularly to make sure that the plan you have in place is kept abreast of anything that may affect what you want to happen when the time comes. 

We will regularly review things like:

  • Your personal circumstances and health, to check that no disinheritance or dilution of inheritance and assets will occur
  • Changes to your assets such as an increase or decrease in the value of your estate and how that might affect inheritance tax or cause delays in your loved ones receiving their inheritance 
  • Changes to the circumstances of your beneficiaries themselves that could create a risk of them losing some or all of their inheritance through common life events such as divorce, remarriage or financial hardship
  • That the people we trust and have chosen to administer our estate can and are still able to do so. 

We know this is key to making what you want to happen, actually happen, so we do all check-ins, reviews and any administration changes free-of-charge, for you and your loved ones to have complete peace of mind. If for any reason any new Estate Planning is required then a consultant will have a full record of the history of your estate and wishes and will be able to guide you through all considerations, resulting in you being able to make a fully informed decision.   

Plus, when using Genie, a complete beginning to end record of all reviews and changes is kept in one secure, simple to use place that you, a beneficiary or trusted person can access, making the process of handling your estate as simple as possible. 


We’re in it for the long haul, and not just for you but for your loved ones too. 

It’s a given that we can make the process of handling your estate after you pass away simple and straightforward but that is only a small part of our relationship. We understand that even with everything correct and in place, there can be an overwhelming amount to do in what can be a very difficult time, which can have a major impact on your wishes being respected and the speed at which those you care about receive their inheritance. This is why it’s important to look after them too. To do this, we provide a wide range of resources and support to those you care about and trust, including:

  • A place for all of your documents to be stored and accessed in one simple and straightforward way
  • An in-depth asset list, making location and distribution as easy as possible
  • A place to access any messages that you wish to leave
  • Professional guidance and advice
  • Emotional support and bereavement services
  • Other services including Probate and Estate administration, funeral planning arrangements and more

Our goal is to relieve the burden of handling your estate, provide support and give you the reassurance that you can continue to provide for the ones you love, even after you have passed on. 

By using your Genie account to link with those you love and Trust, you can alleviate a great deal of stress at what will be a difficult time. You can also be sure that they will know just what to do and be supported to ensure your wishes are respected and your loved one’s inheritance protected.

Do it yourself

Confident that you know exactly what you need? You can use our online service to produce basic Wills and Powers of Attorney in just a few minutes at a time that suits you, without receiving any advice.

By creating a Genie account you can draft your documents using our quick on-line question-and-answer guide.

Note, that this is a self serve process and therefore, Estate Planning Pro has no responsibility for the outcome of your planning.

Let us do it for you

Not confident doing it yourself or prefer to do it with a real person?

Receive advice based on your personal circumstances to provide certainty with your estate planning. Click the link below to request a no obligation discussion that will provide you with all the information needed to make an informed decision.