Understanding your Documents

This page provides support to ensure your Trust is in place and your Trustees know where this Document can be accessed.

We have produced the series of videos below which  explain the purpose of the Documents you have created and how these are to be signed. You can also see how to share the information with your Trustees online.

If you would like us to assist with the printing of Documents or for our Planners to confirm that they are signed correctly, you can request this in section 9 of this page.

1 – Purpose of your Documents

Watch this video to see an overview of the Documents in your Vault and the actions required to ensure your Insurer is aware that you would like the Life Insurance Funds to be paid quickly to the Trust you have established.

2 – Accessing your Documents through the Vault

The Documents you have created are now in your secure Vault. With us at Zen you will have created the three documents described earlier (FFF). Please note your actual Insurance Policy will not be in your Vault at this time. This will have been sent to you by the Insurance Company or the Broker who helped you put the Insurance in place. You can add the Policy document to the Vault (this is a good idea). Video 8 will show you how to do this.

3 – The Trust Deed

This Document details the name of your Trust along with the Trustees and Beneficiaries you have appointed. This document requires signing, witnessing and sending to the Insurance Company. If you would like assistance to check you have signed this correctly you can do this in Section 9 (further down this page).

4 – The Deed of Assignment

The Deed of Assignment points the Life Insurance Policy you have put in place to the Trust you have created. This document is to be signed and sent to the Insurance Company. It does not need to be witnessed. If you would like us to check this has been signed correctly please ask us to do this in section 9 of this page.

5 – Covering letter

This has the postal address that the Trust Deed and Deed of Assignment should be sent to. This should also be signed and included. The letter also contains your postal address. This will allow the Insurance Company to post the Dcuments back to you once they have noted on their file that Policy Funds are to be paid to your Trust.

6 – Guidance Document

You may have opted to include this Document. This makes your Trustees aware of your exact wishes and helps protect the Beneficiaries in the long-term.

If you have not included the Document at this point it is still possible to request that this Document is included. To do this either click the button below, or firstly watch the video and click the button that is underneath this video.

7 – Sharing your Vault with Trustees and others

It is important that you make your Trustees aware that the Documents they will require are stored in your Vault. You have full control of their level of access and at what point they are able to see the Documents. The Video below shows the quick online process by which you can share your Vault.

8 – Adding your Life Insurance Policy to the Vault

It is a good idea to add the Insurance Policy Document itself to the Vault. This will have been sent to you by the Insurance Company or broker who helped you put the Insurance in place. By adding the Insurance Policy Document to the Vault, your Trustees will have a single place to find all of the Documents they require.

9 – Further help

I don’t have access to a printer

If for any reason you are unable to print your Documents, we can do this for you. Your Documents will then be sent to your address so that they can be signed.

To arrange this, click the ‘Print my Documents’ button below and follow the instructions on the next page.

I would like someone to check my Documents

If you would be happier for one of our Trust Planners to check the Documents before they are sent to the Insurance Company we can do this for you.

Please click the ‘Check my Documents’ button below and follow the instructions on the next page.